Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in May 2023

  • Post by Weather & Climate
  • May 01, 2023

On Friday, May 5, 2023 the Moon will enter the Earth’s outer shadow, creating a celestial event known as a penumbral lunar eclipse. During the eclipse, observers will see the Moon darken, but it won’t disappear completely.

The penumbral lunar eclipse will start at 11:15 am Eastern Time (15:15 GMT) and will be visible from any location on Earth where the Moon is above the horizon, including Antarctica, Asia, Russia, Oceania, and Eastern and Central Africa. The event will reach its peak at 1:24 pm Eastern Time (17:24 GMT) and will end at 3:32 pm Eastern Time (19:32 GMT) when the Moon exits the Earth’s shadow.

The penumbral lunar eclipse won’t be visible from North America, South America, or most of Europe, as the Moon will be below the horizon during the entire time it is in Earth’s shadow.