Track Local Wet-Bulb Temperature With an iPhone📱 App

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  • Apr 01, 2024

The wet-bulb temperature is an important measure of the Earth’s climate and is used to determine the risk of heat stress and heat-related illness in humans and animals. The wet-bulb temperature is the temperature that a thermometer would show if it were covered in a wet cloth and exposed to the air. It is a measure of the lowest temperature that can be achieved through evaporative cooling of a surface.

As the wet-bulb temperature increases, the ability of the air to absorb moisture decreases, which can lead to dangerous levels of humidity. 🌡️ When the wet-bulb temperature reaches 35°C (95°F), the human body can no longer cool itself through sweating, which can lead to heat stroke and death. 🌡️ In addition, high wet-bulb temperatures can also be harmful to crops and livestock, leading to crop failure and animal deaths.

Climate change is expected to increase the frequency and severity of extreme heat events, which will increase the risk of heat stress and heat-related illness. Therefore, understanding and monitoring the wet-bulb temperature is important for predicting and mitigating the impacts of heat stress and for developing strategies to adapt to a changing climate.

Want to keep wet-bulb temperature in check? There is an iPhone & iPad app for that.

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