Hottest Place on Earth 🏜️

  • Post by Weather & Climate
  • May 08, 2024

This year the heat is breaking records in both temperature and duration. Thus we decided to find out where the hottest point of our planet is.

It turned out to be the Deshte-Lut desert in the Middle East. 🏜️This sandy-saline desert is located in Iran, its length is about 550 km, and its width is from 100 to 200 km.

Deshte Lut is officially recognized as the hottest place on Earth. It was here that a record temperature of +159,8 °F (70.5 °C) was recorded several years ago!

Despite such indicators, the Shur river flows through the desert and does not dry up even in the hottest years.

This desert also owns another natural world attraction: one of the tallest dunes in the world, its height is 407 meters. 🌵

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