Aquarids Starfall

  • Post by Weather & Climate
  • Apr 17, 2024

In the first dates of May we will be able to watch the Eta Aquariids Starfall. The peak of its activity will be on May 6-7, but overall the shower is visible from about April 19 to about May 28 each year.

It will be seen brighter in the Southern Hemisphere, although the residents of the Northern half of the Earth will also be able to watch the starfall.

So keep your wish list ready and keep an eye on the calendar ⭐️

But, what are these very Aquarids?

This is nothing but the dust crumbs of the comet Hallea. A lot of small pieces of dust surrounding the the comet form a
meteorological stream. And when the Earth goes through this stream, these very pieces fall into the atmosphere and burn in it. And we see the bright beauty flying in the night sky.

By the way, the maximum number of Aquarids can be watched in predawn hours. And let’s remind the dates: May 6-7

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